Diet Coke Summer Cans – Trademarks from 2010 to 2013

Do we realize how often brands adapt, modify, update their brand?  With each tweak, a new trademark application has to be considered as a tweak may suddenly develop into a “material modification” of a registered trademark.

Several times a year I give a trademark presentation where I distribute cans of DIET COKE and ask the audience members to count how many trademarks are on the cans.  Updating the presentation this week, I was surprised by how much the DIET COKE branding has changed, as well the brands for SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS.

Here’s a look at the trademarks on a DIET COKE can in 2010:

tm 2010









And, here’s how much the branding has changed by 2013:

tm 2013








FYI, BALL is a registered trademark of the Ball Corporation for metal cans sold empty.  HURRICANE HARBOR, SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS, SIX FLAGS, and the SIX FLAG design are registered trademarks of  Six Flags Theme Parks Inc.

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2 responses to “Diet Coke Summer Cans – Trademarks from 2010 to 2013

  • deliarose

    My Comment is truly a question. Since the state of Texas deregulated the licensing of Talent Agencies in 2011, are there other state or local legal requirements in order to have a ‘legitimate’ agency. I do not want to skip any necessary steps.

  • ipandentertainmentlaw

    Hi Delia – Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry I cannot provide you any legal advice, but you might start with a look at the Texas Secretary of State Website and the Texas Comptroller website.


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