CRONUT – a donut? a croissant? a trademark?

A CRONUT is part donut and part croissant and  Dominique Ansel, a baker in New York, claims trademark rights in the brand CRONUT for a variety of baked goods as well as prepared baking flours and mixes.  A trademark application was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on May 19, 2013.

Other bakeries say it’s getting a little hot in the kitchen as the idea of a pastry that is half donut and half croissant is not new.  A trademark, which serves as a brand identifier, does not protect the idea of combining a donut and croissant.

It looks like Ansel does have a trademark battle in front of him already.  Trademark applications have also been filed by third parties for CRONUT HOLE and CRONUTS.

Ansel has fame on his side.  Take a look at Jerry Seinfeld’s addiction to CRONUT brand pastries.

Ansel might consider updating his website to refer to  a CRONUT pastry rather than saying things such as “how to buy your CRONUTs.”  While I don’t think the term CRONUT  is generic, Ansel still needs to take steps to protect the strength of his brand by using the name as a brand and not a descriptive term.

And, yum – I’m hungry – somebody send me a CRONUT pastry.

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