Recording Artists Suing For Digital Royalty Accountings

As promised, here is a running list of lawsuits filed against record labels over the license vs sale royalty issue for digital downloads.  Please be patient as we gather details on cases.  We may have a case name listed while we are in the process of tracking down the citation.

(The Temptations) Otis Williams and Ron Tyson v UMG Recordings Inc., 3:2012cv01289, filed March 15, 2012, NDCA.

Allman Brothers v. Sony BMG Music Entertainment, 1:2006cv03252, filed April 27, 2006, SDNY.  As of 3/9/2012 The Court has preliminarily approved the Stipulation and the Settlement set forth, as being a fair, reasonable and adequate settlement as to all Class Members. A settlement in principal was reached a year earlier in March 2011.

Graciela Beltran v EMI Music, Inc., 4:2012cv01002, Feb. 28, 2012, NDCA.

Toto, Inc.  v Sony Music Entertainment,1:2012cv01434, filed Feb. 27, 2012, SDNY.

Gary Wright v. Warner Music Group, 4:2012cv00870, filed Feb. 22, 2012, NDCA.

Kenny Rogers v. Capitol Records, 3:2012cv00180, filed Feb. 13, 2012, MDTN.

(Sister) Sledge v. Warner Music Group Corp., 3:2012cv00559, filed Feb. 2, 2012, NDCA.

Felice Catena (Bruce Gary Estate /Knack) v. Capitol Records, LLC, 2:2012cv00806, filed Jan. 30, 2012.

Peter Frampton v. A and M Records Inc and UMG Recordings Inc., 2:2011cv10649, filed Dec. 23, 2011, CDCA.

Carlton Douglas Ridenhour (Chuck D of Public Enemy) v. UMG Recordings, Inc., 3:2011cv05321, filed November 2, 2011, NDCA.

Rob Zombie v UMG Recordings, Inc., 4:2011cv02431, filed May 18, 2011, NDCA.

Rick James Estate v. UMG Recordings, Inc., 3:2011cv01613, filed April 1, 2011, NDCA.

F.B.T. Productions, LLC v Aftermath Records, 621 F.3d 958 (9th Cir. 2010) cert denied. Holding digital downloads are a license not a sale.

George Clinton v UMG Recordings, Inc., 2:2007cv00672, filed Jan. 29, 2007, CDCA.

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