Don’t Believe Everything You Read

by Tamera H. Bennett
September 24, 2008

Don’t jump off a bridge because your friend does and don’t believe everything you read. I made a post last week entitled “Product Placement In Songs” and linked out to a WIRED Blog article as a reference.

It was a spam scam. WIRED picked up a spam article which was then taken for the truth by many in the business, including myself.

I have deleted the links out on that Blog entry and the comment/confession of the spammer left on my blog. I do not do this to silence any voice, but to simply stop my readers from linking out to a spammer.

Sorry for leading you astray.

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3 responses to “Don’t Believe Everything You Read

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  • Jacuzzi KIllers

    While the spamming may not have ocurred, I really don’t like what TKA stands for. I have no problems when corporate sponsors make a concert or album possible by backing the artist with their name/product; but when the artistic integrity of music is compromised to shout out a sponsor, there is just something that irks me about that. Maybe its just me…seems to happen all the time even when sponsors aren’t involved…I just thought this was an interesting concept though.

  • TJ Reliable

    I knew there was NO WAY an agency like that would be sending emails out at random. They obviously try and keep things as much “under wraps” as possible. I feel bad for all of the other blogs that picked up the story thinking was a reliable source. According to wired they got the story from some anti-advertising advocates..go figure.


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