Entertainment Law

Lawyer Tamera Bennett is licensed to practice law in Texas and Tennessee which helps meet the needs of her entertainment clients that work and perform in both states.  Attorney Tamera Bennett’s entertainment law practice has an emphasis on music related matters such as music publishing / song catalog administration, master catalog administration, drafting and negotiating management, recording artist, and music publishing agreements. In addition to firm’s practice in the music industry, we represent visual artists and literary artists in the protection and leveraging of their intellectual property. The firm represents both talent, production companies and televisions stations in the development and procurement of programming.

Examples of Legal Services We Provide:

  • Exclusive management agreements
  • Exclusive recording artist agreements
  • Appearance agreements
  • Exclusive booking agency agreements
  • Exclusive songwriter agreements
  • TV/Film production agreements
  • Music Publishing catalog administration
  • Master catalog administration

4 responses to “Entertainment Law

  • Kel Harris

    We are an independant music publishing company potentially about to do a joint venture with a major label or music publisher. We are looking for a lawyer to be on standby beforehand.

  • ipandentertainmentlaw

    The firm policy is not to reply to requests for legal services via the blog. If you wish to contact the firm regarding possible legal representation please email info at tbennettlaw dot com. Thank you!

  • Robert Molina

    Hi Tamera –

    I am begining a reality show and want to know if you handle that type of law. If so please call or email me so we can schedule a meeting.


    Robert Molina

  • Uncle Mel

    Thank goodness I found you guys. Co-Founded a Music Publishing company in October of 2010 and just recently got around to sending off the BMI Publisher application. They have had it since the first week in August of 2011. Wondering if we can use the company name and logo to begin marketing and promoting while we wait on the results of our application with BMI.

    I handle the administrative stuff and my business partner is an independent A&R who goes out and acquires songwriters and artists to sing on sound recordings that we will be exploiting for monetary gain.

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